Top 9 Moving House Tips

For most people, moving is not a pleasant experience. The thought of lifting heavy furniture and trying to push it through narrow doorways is not encouraging however, there are easier ways to go about it.

With proper planning and getting the right professional to assist you, your next move needn’t cause a stress headache. So fear not, because the experts are here to give you useful tips.

  1. Avoid Weekend Bookings

    Find out about available weekdays, because most often than not, weekend moves are more expensive than weekdays.

  2. Get rid of flammable liquids before you start

    Make sure you empty all gas cylinders, air bottles, and every flammable container days before you commence with the moving. You should also get rid of every flammable liquid like thinners, paint and cleaning fluids, because it is against the law to transport such items.

  3. Get a box for the little parts

    Find a carton for essentials, like remote controls, bed legs, furniture keys, shelf supports, as well as manufacturer’s manual to be able to reassemble items.

  4. Create a survival kit

    Pack all the items that you can’t do without like, toiletries, school supplies, kettle, tools, garbage bags, supplies for breakfast, extra light globes, chargers, corkscrew, scissors, and put them into one box or a designated area.

  5. Endeavour to measure the doors, entrances and hallways

    Double check to be sure that your furniture will fit through the doors and the staircase of the new house. There are items that might require a scissor lift before they can be moved.

  6. Avoid using newspapers to wrap your crockery

    Instead of using newspaper to wrap items like plates and other valuables, use white butcher paper. A lot of people are ignorant of the fact that these items can be soiled by newspapers.

  7. Stoppers should be packed and labelled separately

    You should endeavor to pack your stoppers separately when packing decanters. Make sure you label it clearly before taping it to the decanter. This is because decanters come with different sized stoppers and can be difficult to replace if you lose it.

  8. Separate your bed linen

    Don’t forget to pack adequate towels, bed linen and pillows separately to avoid the stress of searching for them, so that the beds can be made at the earliest opportunity.

  9. Employ professionals to do your move

    You should think about employing the services of Professional Removalists. Professionals have the ability to make the day run smoothly meaning less stress for you.



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