Speedy & Powerful
Has a loading capacity of 600kg and can climb approximately 50 floors on a single charge
Efficient & cost Effective
Not only does this make big moves a breeze, but requires fewer men to do the job, therefore saving you money for extra men.
Any Move, Anywhere...
With our fully trained, expert movers and our specialized equipment; we can move any heavy items from and to – any space. Don’t risk damaging equipment or having your employees injure themselves trying to move and carry heavy equipment.
And unlike other movers who use their own employees to lift and move the back-breaking heavy items – we have a technologically advanced piece of equipment that makes any job safe and easy.
Any Move, Anywhere
See Hercules In Action
Why We’re The Best Choice
The reason we’re the choice of commercial businesses in the area is because we’ve got the best piece of heavy item moving equipment anywhere.
With a load capacity of 600 kg and the ability to climb stairs… YES, climb stairs with its load – Hercules gives us the ability to move just about any heavy item or equipment to any place.
Safety First
Safety First -
“Hercules” balances the load independent from its shape and weight. It’s also got an electromagnetic brake so that the operator is always in control.
Tight Spaces? No Worries
At just 1280 mm L x 540 mm W and with its advanced system of rollers and hydraulics – Hercules can fit into the tightest of spaces to move your heavy items in and out effortlessly.
Other Benefits of using Hercules to move your heavy items include:
Fewer Movers Needed
You don’t need 4 movers to bring your heavy item up the stairs or into tight spaces. With Hercules, one or two movers is enough for just about any job.
Load sizes up to 2 TONES
Don’t be fooled by Hercules’s size. It can easily lift and move your heaviest items – even up and down stairs!
Confined Space Movement
Hercules goes places that a fork lift just can’t. It can rotate in incredibly small spaces (85 cm/min).
Great For Sensitive And Fragile Equipment
Photocopiers, printers, and other items that need to remain horizontal or vertical, remain that way through the entire move with Hercules – even moving up or down stairs!
Outstanding Range
More than one item to move or lengthy moves are no problem. With 2 industrial strength batteries, Hercules can travel the equivalent of 50 flights of stairs on a single charge.
Wondering whether Hercules can move your heavy item?
Know this - It was invented to carry and move grand pianos! There isn’t hardly a more difficult item to move. If we can move pianos, we can move your heavy item.
About Us
Discover JB Removals Sydney
Building on extensive industry experience, JB Removals Sydney takes great pride in delivering an exceptional level of service and care when it comes to FURNITURE REMOVALS in SYDNEY'S beautiful Northern Beaches and beyond.
With a team of highly trained professionals, you can rely on us for an efficient and affordable service that’s sure to impress.
Whether you’re moving out of a sprawling double story house in the Northern Beaches or out of a tiny apartment in the Sydney CBD, our friendly team is more than able to handle all your furniture relocations, from start to finish. We will complete the job quickly, safely and hassle-free — you won’t even have to lift a finger!
Team Mechanic
Team Mechanic
See Hercules
In Action
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One of the Most Consistent
4.8+ Star Removalist Reviews in all of Sydney
Stacey Stacy Kirkpatrick
August 10, 2021

Moving during a pandemic is not easy, but these guys made it a dream. They were early, professional and so lovely to deal with. Nothing was too much to help with our move. And moving a 3 bedroom house from Sydney to the country is a very long day.

A special thank you to Leo and Rafael for their professionalism, efficiency and willingness to help today.

Would highly recommend!
James James Scott
July 28, 2021

Fantastic , funny, hard working men.

A pleasure to deal with , cost reasonable with a reliable company. should anyone need good , well mannered help with moving always call J B Removals for an on time quality move.

Well done .
Jacob Jacob Maxwell
July 11, 2021
Rodrigo and Avila helped me do a local move with some difficult items and they were all smiles and very good at what they do. No fuss, no worries. Would have no problem recommending them to anyone. Thanks again boys.
Melissa Melissa Louise
July 28, 2021
Raphael and Leo were fantastic. Very efficient, careful, great attitude and sense of humour which is an absolute must when moving house. They were such a pleasure to deal with, very well priced and there were no surprises with costs. We would absolutely recommend JB Removals and would use again.
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