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Heavy Removals Service in Sydney

When we talk about heavy objects, we immediately think of moving musical instruments such as the piano, the organ which is quite big and heavy. However, we will see that there are many more and that moving these items can be a daunting task, especially if you are not moving with a professional removalist. To be honest, even if you hired a professional removalist service, they will still struggle with heavy objects because they don’t have what we have – the Hercules!

Taking the example of a piano, we can only confirm that it is an imposing instrument, of considerable weight but which is both fragile and precious. It is a musical instrument that can be an instrument of work just as it can be associated with important memories. How to move it? This type of relocation inexorably requires technique and skill but also an equipment that is strong enough. We utilize the Hercules for a variety of heavy items such as safes, pianos, vending machines, ATMs, fireproof cabinets and etc. that weigh up to 600 kilograms. It climbs stairs! Yes, you heard it right; it climbs stairs with the load on it and does it for 50 floors. It is manoeuvrability is impressive as well. It is a special and unique equipment being the only one in Sydney.

Any specialized transportation requires an experienced team of movers. You have to entrust professionals and their equipment with moving complex objects such as a piano, a safe or machinery. When moving heavy and bulky objects, be sure to deal with a trusted company that has a proven track record in this area. When it comes to us, we tick all the boxes; experience, skill and the irreplaceable equipment.

JB Removals has its own fleet of removalist vehicles and the appropriate equipment needed to move usual & unusual heavy items. Over the years, we have made countless moves of objects and unusual furniture requiring special attention. These trips require special expertise and techniques from the movers to ensure the safety of the premises and property to be moved.

Quality and prompt relocation – working with heavy volumetric objects require the use of special equipment. To load heavyweight furniture in our vehicles, we use the most reliable and modern devices including the Hercules. All this facilitates the loading process, which means it accelerates the overall move process.

Guaranteeing the safety of your furniture – we control every stage of the transportation of furniture – from the selection of equipment to the installation of furniture and equipment in a new location. Our employees are responsible for the safety of the cargo and therefore work particularly carefully.

Our rates are extremely competitive while being fully insured. No more stress while your valuable heavy objects are being transported. It is in safe hands – we are a reliable group of Removalists North beaches that will do the absolute best to satisfy you to the fullest.



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