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Rosebay is one of the harbourside suburbs in Sydney and is located only 7 kilometres from the city’s CBD. With a stunning view, Rosebay is, without a doubt, one of the most gorgeous suburbs in Sydney. Quiet streets, beautiful parks and a welcoming neighbourhood are just a few features of this suburb. Having direct access to the harbour makes Rosebay a special place. If you are a nature lover and can’t have enough of beautiful views, you should consider moving to Rosebay. As JB Removals Rosebay, we will take care of your move and provide you with a smooth relocation service.

Expert Rosebay Removalist

The handling, transportation and storage of your personal belongings are like an art form for us. You will find that our staff is friendly, organized and diligent assuring the integrity of each item they handle. JB Removals Rosebay own and manage top quality facilities and equipment across Sydney, which guarantees the safe handling of personal belongings. Only packaging materials of the highest quality, ecological, are used and each possession is properly protected for your trip. We have been renewing our fleet of trucks to be able to continue leading the companies in the sector. Vehicles are equipped with pneumatic suspension systems and lifting hatches.

Here is what we do

JB Removals Rosebay team is highly trained to provide the best service in all types of moving, residential and commercial, transportation and comprehensive logistics services. We are known for providing a quality service to all our customers at a fair and accessible price, with professional staff, insured trucks, technology and an operative team that guarantees at all times an integral support in the final satisfaction of the client, either at private level or corporate.

Whatever your need, we are sure that it requires a professional service and demands experience, from a move within the city, the movement of a work of art or a large enough vehicle to fit all your belongings. JB Removals Rosebay have the specialized personnel for the packaging of household and office items, as well as the appropriate materials and containers such as cardboard boxes of different sizes, cardboard cabinets for clothes hanger, plastic mattress covers, blankets, bubble wrap, bubble + Kraft, etc.



Plastic moving boxes that you rent, not buy, for your move. We even deliver your boxes direct to you. You can pack, move, then unpack; and when you’re done we’ll pick them up and take them away for you. Free delivery and Pick-up.

Best moving experience guaranteed or your money back.


  • Our plastic moving boxes cost less than cardboard boxes.
  • They are stackable and securable.
  • They don’t collapse when get wet and can’t be crushed.
  • These plastic moving boxes are recyclable, environment friendly and superior to cardboard boxes.
  • They are Easy to manoeuvre from room to room with our light weight heavy duty dollies.
  • Minimise fragile breakages and stress of disposing old cardboard removalist boxes.
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