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Do you have a huge amount of stuff that you have been storing in the garage, or you have a warehouse full of stuff that you want to move to a different location? Then JB Removals Sydney is the answer to your predicament.

Moving around a large amount of items can be a lot of trouble and with a lot of stuff getting lost or damaged in the process. That is why it is necessary to be extra careful and efficient with storage items. JB Removals offers swift and smart removals and moving services for all commercial and personal storage transfers. In fact, we are really good at it, with moving storage being one of our specialties and one of our most requested services.

We offer different types of transfer vehicles for storage transfer with trucks ranging from 1 tonne to 14 tonnesin capacity of transfer. The team will arrive at the designated place and load the storage items inside the trucks. The items are secured properly with a great amount of security in the moving process. No matter how much you want to get moved, JB Removals will be there to get your stuff where you want.

Our motto is “Flexibility, Punctuality, Efficiency” and we follow it to the core. Our greatest priority is that you get the best service possible and you feel the difference after choosing JB Removals. In storage moving, sometimes it is can be hard to move the heavy weight objects. With dangers of falling down and getting damaged. Especially while moving delicate electronic devices, like printers, photocopiers, etc. it is essential to keep them in the right direction to avoid electrical and mechanical damage. While other moving companies use man power to get the job done, it may not always be the right choice to rely on men’s muscles. We have the strength of the mythical hero “Hercules” on our side. This heavy duty machine is just what you need while carrying and moving heavy and delicate objects. It requires only one or two people to carry even the heaviest and mightiest of objects, thus it decreases work load and increases safety and efficiency by many folds. So while if you have storage that is heavy, we won’t let that get in our way.

While many other types of moving services can be allotted some time, however, with storage moving time is of the essence. The business that you have may depend on the speed of service provided. We understand this very well, with our workers well versed in rapid work rate and getting the job done in the minimal time.

The majority of the damage that occurs in the moving process is during transit. For reducing and effectively minimizing the damaging effect of travel, we use special techniques to prevent the storage material from getting damaged. The services come in different packages, from bronze to gold, depending on how much security and safety you desire.

Contact our customer service representatives if you have any questions about storage moving, and join us in making moving simple and easy.



Plastic moving boxes that you rent, not buy, for your move. We even deliver your boxes direct to you. You can pack, move, then unpack; and when you’re done we’ll pick them up and take them away for you. Free delivery and Pick-up.

Best moving experience guaranteed or your money back.


  • Our plastic moving boxes cost less than cardboard boxes.
  • They are stackable and securable.
  • They don’t collapse when get wet and can’t be crushed.
  • These plastic moving boxes are recyclable, environment friendly and superior to cardboard boxes.
  • They are Easy to manoeuvre from room to room with our light weight heavy duty dollies.
  • Minimise fragile breakages and stress of disposing old cardboard removalist boxes.

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