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Payment Types

Accepted Payment Types

We accept Visa , Master Card, yes we accept cash as well! We do not however accept Cheques or e-cheques. We do not accept E-cheques from PayPal or any other Cheques.
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Moving & Relocating Payment options

At the point of booking the move you will be asked to pay a call out fee or 1 hour labour. This payment will be made over the phone or bank transfer, you may choose to pay the fee by visa or MasterCard, a receipt tax invoice will be issued to you via email.

Pay on completion of your move by

Cash or Card only, at the end of the move the removalists will total the bill up, the amount is payable immediate via cash or card unfortunately bank transfers for total bills are not accepted, you must have a card or cash ready at the end of the move to pay for the service, if you select to pay by card there will be a 1.5% surcharge.

Paying by Cash for a Delivery

Also known as C.O.D
Yes we do accept Cash on Delivery, however to select this payment type we must take a small deposit first, you can choose any of the other methods to pay the deposit. The balance you can pay in CASH payment will be due on completion. The correct change must be handed to the driver, the driver will take the payment and advise you of the receipt.

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