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Packing Tips

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Moving house can be a nightmare, but with our packing tips, it can be a breeze. JB are pretty much the experts in packing and moving house, so it makes sense that we dispense tips and tricks to help you make the most of your moving day. Some of our packing tips can save you some grief when the trucks arrive. Being prepared is key. Ensure you have your boxes marked with the room they need to go in at the new place.

packing tips mark breakables with fragile


Try and pack your home up room by room. This keeps all the boxes together and there is less chance of them being put in the wrong room at the new place. Put the heavier items at the bottom of the box so it’s more stable when being carried and stowed in our trucks. If there are breakables in the box, mark the box as fragile.

This way movers know that the contents are easily broken and they can put it in a part of the truck that is less likely to move about once we are on the road.





On Moving Day use our Checklist for Moving house. This little checklist makes moving a breeze and helps you with the right preparation for the move. Use this checklist to get you ready to relocate to your new home like a professional.


For getting yourself and your belongings ready for an impending move, try our Pre-Move Checklist for Moving house. Take the guesswork out of preparation for your next new home with our pre move checklist. Use this checklist to get yourself prepared for a move.