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Moving Supplies

JB Removals sell a range of quality moving supplies for your next move. Our range includes tea chests, portable wardrobes, packing paper, mattress covers and book boxes. We also carry packing tape, packing paper and mattress covers for single, double, queen and king bed sizes. We even have marking pens so you can clearly mark your moving boxes or tea chests, ready for the big day. Tape guns make light work of taping up boxes, and our book boxes are also ideal for transporting fine china and expensive plates and crockery when you move house.

The best part about or moving supplies is that once you have finished with some items, we buy them back from you!

We have a range of lightly used boxes, tape guns and other moving supplies, so you don’t have to pay full price and this keeps the cost of moving house down. We know it can be an expensive day, and we want to relieve that burden by offering a range of moving supplies at reduced prices. Our lightly used range are all in great condition and will transport your items safe and sound.

buy used removal boxes from JB

Description New Price ($) Used Price ($) Buy Back ($) Select Service Quantiy Select
Tea Chests

(431mmx406mmx596mm) Double ply strength. Use for light items such as bedding; cushions; linen & hard to pack items such as pictures; kitchen pots; equipment.

5.50 3.30 1
Book Boxes

Double ply strength. Books; heavy items & fragile items; crystal, plates; glasses

4.40 2.20 0.50c
Porta Robes

Double ply strength. Convenient way to transport hanging wardrobe clothes HIRE ONLY

Hire Only 16.50
Packing Paper(Acid Free)

Full ream 15kg
Half ream 7.5kg
Quarter ream 4kg

Packing Tape

75m roll, 45mm wide
Good quality packing tape – An essential item for binding of cartons

Marker Pens

Bold black marker pens are easy to read. Labelling is an essential requirement for location of your packed items.

Single Double Queen And King heavy duty plastic covers

Keep your mattress fresh and clean by using this heavy duty plastic covers, essential in every move to keep general dust away
from your mattress.

The only charge is 11.00
Tape Guns

Make taping the boxes so much faster and easier with these handy tape guns.

27.50 and you can keep it 5.50 Hire
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*All price are inc gst.