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About JB Removals

We are JB Removals, your local Northern Beaches and Sydney area removalists. We specialise in furniture removal, piano moving, packing and cleaning as well as a host of other moving services. We are well known in the the Sydney Northern Beaches area of NSW with a solid reputation for professionalism and reliability.  We are proud to have been a local business for many years, and we have gained an excellent reputation. In fact, we are the removalists that residents of the Sydney Northern Beaches trust for moving projects, no matter how big or how small.

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Services Offered by JB Removals

We are best known for furniture removal within the Sydney Northern Beaches area, but that is just one of the services we offer.  We are full service removalists; we can help you with almost every step of the process of moving house from packing up your belongings to cleaning your old house or flat to unpacking and getting settled in your new home.  We are such experts at furniture relocation that no project is too big or too small for us, whether you are just moving a single couch or dining table or whether you are moving an entire mansion’s worth of furniture.

We will get the job done in a time efficient way, and your furniture will arrive at its destination in the same condition it was in before we moved it.  We at JB Removals know that pianos are among the most difficult items to move without damaging the piano or any of the rooms it passes through during the move.  Our skilled removalists have successfully moved thousands of pianos since we first opened for business.  While pianos are fragile, they are probably just one of the many fragile items you have to move, and JB Removals can help you pack your fragile items in a way that will make it easier to transport them safely.

Once your furniture has been moved out of your old home, we can help you clean your old house or apartment at a lower price than you would pay if your landlord were to assess cleaning fees at the end of your lease.  We can clean just the carpets, or the entire house, from walls and floors to windows and kitchen appliances.

Why You Should Choose JB Removals

Choosing a removalist should be a carefully considered decision.  It is important that the company be fully accredited, and we invited you to view our certifications and accreditation’s.  We will come to your home to do a thorough assessment of how much the moving project will cost, since it is not possible to give an accurate quote without first seeing the furniture that we will be moving.  We offer insurance on moving jobs, and while we are always very careful, we recommend getting insurance in the rare event that a valuable item gets damaged during the move.

Plenty of removalists do not even show up until moving day, but we favor a much more hands-on approach.  We recommend that you invest in our house packing services.  We will pack your belongings in a way that minimizes the risk of damage and also in a way that is the most space efficient, thus reducing the time it takes to move.  You only pack up all your stuff to move a few times in your life, but we do it day in and day out, so it really is worth it to hire professional Packers as well as professional movers.  We know that it takes a long time to prepare for a move, so we encourage you to call us much in advance of moving day. We will start preparing for your move as soon as you call us so that everything can go smoothly.

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